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Anni Albers ‘woven textile art’

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This name has been popping up repeatedly in the past few months. So I finally sat down and had an in-depth read into this fascinating woman. She attended the radical Bauhaus design school founded by the Architect Walter Gropius. She was drawn to weaving and designed modern radical creations incorporating new materials and shapes. Fell in love with another famous artist Josef Albers and they married a few years later before fleeing to America in 1933. Her work encompassed her own design aesthetic of bold shapes, contrasting materials and incorporating new purposes within ‘everyday’ creations i.e. sound absorbing cellophane tapestries. Her balance of colours and forms have continually inspired artists and designers. In particular Paul Smith who created a 2015 catwalk collection in the Albersees honour. More recently he’s created a new collection focusing solely on Anni Albers inspiring textiles. There’s an exhibition at the Tate Modern, London. This article by ‘the Guardian’ was particularly interesting.

The dreamy world of Maria Marie

DesignersXiluva Lynch

I recently discovered the beautiful pastel world of the designer Maria Marie (Marioly Vazquez). So much colour palette inspiration for future prints. Check out her instagram here or her website here


DesignersXiluva Lynch

Sometimes you stumble across a label you just completely fall in love with. I've followed SuTurno for the past few years and every collection they create has something inspiring and beautiful within it. Founded in Madrid by designers Julia Vergara and Javier Gutierrez. Their designs combine natural materials with striking prints, often containing elements of playful hand crafted illustration and stamping. Have a peek and be inspired by their gorgeous colour palettes and shapes:   http://www.suturno.net/