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'Dreamy Green' of H&M Conscious Exclusive 2018

Xiluva Lynch

Check out the beautiful prints and colour palette of H&M's latest 'Green' collection. A fresh approach towards more sustainable fabrics and transparent production processes.  A subject within the design world that has taken too long to shift into more genuine commercial practice. Lately, I've noticed a significant increase in the use of sustainable fabrics in 'fast-fashion' stores. Even small new labels are committing their brand and products to use many of these fabrics such as Tencel, certified organic cotton/linen/silk or recycled Polyamide/glass/plastic/polyester. In the past, I've felt the lack of success with many 'sustainable' collections was the lack of actual aesthetic appeal of the final product. The delicate abstract florals and tailored floaty designs create a beautiful collection that puts sustainability/consciousness as a bonus add on. Hopefully with time it will just become standard.